How to make soft Wholewheat Chapatis


In my quest to try and eat Healthy I have decided to try the Wholewheat Chapati that has been raved about as being healthy. I love making Chapatis because after many years of practice, I can at least say I have perfected the art of it. I say years of practice because mom taught us at an early age. I remember we would make really shapeless and hard Chapatis but she would tell us we would eat that until we got better. Practice we did and I must say I ended up loving to make Chapatis, which most people do not like doing. The secret I have learnt is in the Kneading of the dough, once you get that done, the rest is easy stuff. So here is the step by step process of making Wholewheat Chapati Continue reading “How to make soft Wholewheat Chapatis”