Cardamon Mandazi Recipe


Mandazi is a snack that you can have with Tea, Coffee, Juice or just as a snack on its own. Most guys do not like the whole process of preparing the Mandazi, because you have to combine the ingredients well so that they do not backfire. Craving Mandazi and don’t want to mess the right proportions for preparing them? Well a cheats way to cooking soft Mandazi is to buy Mandazi flour which has the necessary ingredients…including sugar, everything has been measured for you. Just add warm water and you’re good to go. Here’s how I made mine.

Mandazi Flour
Warm water
Cardamon Spice
Pinch of salt
Pour your Mandazi Flour in a large bowl
Add the Cardamon Spice and pinch of salt
Add warm water and knead dough till soft but firm. Pour a little oil and continue to knead until done
Cover the dough with a clean cloth and leave for 30 minutes
Once rested, divide dough into 8 balls or more depending on how big your dough is
Roll out each dough and cut to the size and shape you want. You can use a knife to cut the shapes of a water glass to form round shapes.

Let oil heat up and you can test with a piece of dough, oil is hot enough if it sizzles as soon as the dough touches it

Deep fry your Mandazis until golden brown

Remove and put on a plate with serviette to drain off excess oil
Serve with tea or enjoy plain


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